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“The nervous system holds the key to the body’s incredible potential to heal itself.”

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Experience safe and effective natural health care with chiropractic instrument adjusting.

If you suffer from any of the following conditions you may benefit from a chiropractic evaluation and treatment with the Impulse Adjusting Instrument.

Low Back Pain ● Sciatica ● Disc Problems ● Hip, Knee, or Foot Pain ● Neck Pain ● Headaches ● Numbness ● Whiplash Injuries ● Shoulder, Arm, or Wrist Pain ● Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ● Scoliosis ● TMJ ● Fatigue ● Muscle Spasms or Soreness

We use the latest advances in technology.

The Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument

Extreme Speed

Impulse iQ is twice as fast as other adjusting instruments and 100x faster than manual chiropractic adjustments. The gentle thrust is faster than the body’s tendency to tighten up and resist the adjustment.

Controlled Force

Impulse iQ has three different force settings for different parts of the body and to treat patients of all ages. The controlled low force thrust of Impulse make treatments comfortable.

Computerized Adjustment

High-tech computerized adjustments with Impulse iQ actually precisely measure how the spine is moving during the treatment so that just the right amount of care can be provided.

Years of Research

have gone into the development of the Impulse iQ Adjusting Instrument to create gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments that are safe and effective for patients of all ages.